DVD Authoring

What is DVD?

Digital Video Discs is similar to CD. The role of DVD is to apply audio, video, graphics, titles and text materials, edited and orchestrated onto an interactive DVD video, complete with menus, buttons, subtitles, and alternate languages or sound tracks, to be played on a DVD player or a suitably equipped computer. Also, create interactivity in the form of scripts to perform actions, slideshows, and Web links.

Original video, existing video, (footage from VHS is not suggested), audio material and design graphics can be used to create your interactive presentation.

Authoring is to create the disc's menus and link structure and verifying navigation.

The video and audio needs to be encoded to DVD-compliant formats. The most commonly used formats are MPEG-2 for video and AC-3 for audio. Audio resolution must be 16 or 24 bit and sample rate at 48kHz or 96 kHz. in AIFF, WAVE or Sound Designer format. Video Frame size at 720x480 pixels, frame rate at 29.97 frames per second in digital format such as QuickTime.

Each track has up to 9 video streams, 8 audio streams, and 32 subtitle streams, linked together in a single structure. Each track can have up to 99 markers and be arranged in sequences called stories.

Slideshows can use up to 99 assets, which can be MPEG video streams or still pictures in PICT format. Up to 8 audio streams can be assigned to each asset.

A menu is a graphic backdrop for buttons, which allow the viewer to interact with the presentation. Creating as many menus as you want with up to 36 buttons for each menu.

Language labels make it easy to construct muli-language titles of up to 16 languages on a disc.

Using scripts you add random play to your project and allow you to create a playlist of favorite tracks.

A single-sided, single layered DVD has a maximum storage capacity of 66.8 minutes. A typical 2x DVD-ROM drive performs at levels comparable to the fastest standard DC drive - 16x.

Lastly, we can copy-protect your movie by including sophisticated copy-protection and regionalization controls.

What does the future bring?

Interactive Television in Digital format.

Let Eclectrix create your dynamic and interactive educational, music, or corporate presentation.