Time Captured Is Time Created®

Who We Are


Eclectrix® Inc., founded by Angela Viscido, consists of a creative and dynamic group of Videographers, Filmmakers, Multimedia Specialist, Virtual Reality Artist, Photographers, Social Media Marketers, Writers, and Web Developers/Designers, who
are dedicated to providing professional, friendly and superior service to Eclectrix clients.


As a result, Eclectrix Inc. has built a reputation for delivering the highest quality digital content and production services..

What We Do


With one, or multiple cameras, TV studio broadcast, green screen, field productions and photography, our digital video production department will shepherd you, and your project through all of the phases that creating high-quality, digital video require.

Experience, knowledge, and creative empathy are the skills needed to complete video projects that run smoothly, on time, and within budget.

What We Offer


Eclectrix, Inc. offers professionalism, state-of-the-art, digital equipment, and non-linear editing, with an artistic eye.
Our digital video post-editing team can encode and/or author your video for all digital media formats, including social media, email and TV broadcast.
The success of every digital video production begins with the quality of content, matures through editing, and is a success when it achieves the clients goals.
Let Eclectrix Inc. help you produce stunningly dynamic media for your next project
or impressive content for your business!

Our Consulting Team

Angela Viscido

Angela Viscido, founder and producer of Eclectrix Inc. since 2000.
Angela, born and raised in Wales, UK, has been committed to the visual and performing arts since arriving in New York City, leading here to develop her own media company, helping to advance the careers of other talents, including actors, dancers and musicians.
Combining her 14 years of Corporate, Legal and Finance work - including for A&E Networks - as well her tenure as a performer and videographer, Angela was further inspired to take up the world of cinema and television work, under the creative guidance of some of the most influential and dynamic directors.

Christopher Albert

Christopher Albert has produced media and content for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike, although his true talents are rooted in entertainment and comedy.
Christopher’s brutally honest approach to humor is evident in his litany of fearless content, including the absudrdly edgy Junk and Jam suite of broadcasts and programs.  

SidLocks Mehu

SidLocks Mehu, is the Creator and Principal Director of Photography and Editor of MultiHop.TV - a fusion of multimedia art and Hip Hop music, introducing a mix of revolutionary elements within entertainment - including fashion shows, live art, digital video, tv broadcasts, live music performances,etc.

Eclectrix & MultiHop Collaboration