Time Captured Is Time Created®

Field Production

Remote productions :
Our videographers and crew use field video equipment - Canon C100 cine-cameras and Sony Z150s, and if required, will provide extra lighting and wireless audio mics.
Also available for client projects: pre-production, location scouting; script/copy/storyboards; theatrical/ fashion makeup artists & stylists.

Studio Shoot

Let us shoot your professional TV broadcast.  Eclectrix operates in a state-of-the-art studio and control room in Manhattan with multiple cameras, including green screen productions.
We can create you pre-production storyboard & set design. Make-up artists and stylists are also available.


Already have your media content and looking for a professional video editor? Eclectrix can provide you with professional, high-quality editing.
We use non-linear editing software, Adobe Premier, Final Cut and After Effects to capture your compelling story.
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TV Programming

Live Streaming

Social Media & Marketing

Let us bring awareness to your project by broadcasting it on Eclectrix Presents ... our by-monthly TV show, including Live! Global streaming and sponsorships.
With Spectrum alone, you can reach a potential audience of 3.9 million a month; 2.2 (58%) in US; 60K in NYC.
Check HOME Page for our current Eclectrix presents broadcast schedule, our prime time local TV show.
Check WORK Page to see 18 Broadcast Videos selected from our catalogue of over 30 past productions.
Our motto:
"Time Captured is Time Created"

Reach your audiences worldwide conveniently and effectively through live streaming.  Our Eclectrix team can smoothly stream music, dance, theater performances, poetry readings, gallery openings, and any creative project.

Commercial and special events can also be streamed: a corporate meeting, community gathering, church service, lecture, class, product promotion, local sporting event, family reunion and more.

We provide our clients with support, tracking tools and analytic dashboards to evaluate the outcome of their event. Start your catalogue of prized video projects and stream with the best! Eclectix!
Let us help you create stunning content and marketing assets that help bolster your online presence.

If you are more "digital immigrant" than "digital native" now may be the ideal time for you to learn how to benefit from full use of your new Eclectrix video marketing content!
Maintain and update your brand's online presence while you build engagement and referral traffic.
Eclectrix can guide you to blogging, microblogging (inc. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Tmbler) and content sharing (the strategic distribution of webpage and blog content across relevant platforms).

97% of marketers are using social media.  Take your marketing to the next level by accruing the free assets of social media platforms.
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Mytravelpaparazzi.com includes custom, private,  field video & photography that will capture your story for keepsake and happy memories.

Hire your very own paparazzi!

Movieportrait.com includes intimate portrait video interviews and photography to capture your story for keepsake or a business profile to introduce you and your business to the world.
See our creative Movie Portraits and Webmercials!