Video Encoding Samples

Your video content on the web can be delivered using streaming video, for faster performance, or progressive downloads, when cost is the primary consideration. We have include samples below.

We are in the process of uploading our new HD video samples. For our latest DVD Reel, please contact us at (212) 569-9246.

Blue Ray Discs are available for those of you who have Blue Ray players, please contact us for pricing.
SD Progressive Downloads

HD Samples
  • DVD Reel available
Agency Film
Movie Trailor
  • The Trickle Down Effect (see Video Samples)
Corporate Profile
  • Levinlaw (see Video Samples)
  • Millistar NY, Inc. (RealPlayer)
  • Tales of a Bugged Out Black Chick (QuickTime)
Live Music
  • Music Reel (see Video Samples)
Music Videos
Two Camera Edit
Three Camera Edit
  • The Blood on The Tracks (see Video Samples)
  • BB King Club (see Video Samples)
  • Lou Marini & Bernard Purdie (see Video Samples)