"Time Captured is Time Created ®"

Eclectrix, Inc. offers; professionalism, state-of -the-art, digital equipment, and non-linear editing, with an artistic eye.

With one, or multiple cameras, our digital video
production department will shepherd you, and your project through all of the phases that creating high-quality, digital video requires.

Experience, knolwedge, and creative empathy, are the digital video
editing skills needed to complete video projects that run smoothly, on time and within budget. Eclectrix Inc. has, since it's beginning delivered over 600 productions; our editing department has the ability and experience to produce your video. Securely.

Our digital video
post-editing team can encode and/or author your video for all digital media formats - see codec/conversion page. Web mercials and DVD Press Kits are perfect ways to connect to your audience and lead you to your website for additional exposure.

The success of every digital video production begins with the quality of content, matures through editing, and is a success when it achieves the clients goals.