Capture your audience with your website by adding the interactivity of video. Web-mercials are an economical way of advertising your company profile on your website.

Create interactivity for informative viewing. This is just another avenue available to connect to hundreds and thousands of potential customers in a day, anywhere in the world.

The television advertising is a multi-billion dollar business. Why?

Video is more entertaining for most people and a message through video is much easier to consume than reading gigantic blocks of otherwise boring text.

139 million US Internet users watched an average of 83 videos per viewer in March 2008. This is a very attractive medium to advertisers and sponsors. 84,8 million viewers watched 4.3 billion videos on You Tube, alone!

Are you taking advantage of this extraordinary growth?

DVD Press Kits

DVD Press Kits are a perfect way to show your portfolio/company profile. Another way to connect to your audience.

A customized DVD can include your branding with video, music, text, images, and have your web site launch directly onto the screen.

The future is interactive.

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